tHP: Beacon


tHP: Beacon, is the Honey Pump’s first exhibition as a woman-owned visual arts agency, is debuting at the Satellite Art Club on May 21st. The summer group exhibition will feature painting, photography, sculpture, and time-based media by artists represented by the Honey Pump agency.

After a year of disconnection from physical spaces, the Satellite Art Club [961 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11238] is the perfect place to reconnect. As a dive bar and art gallery, it bridges the gap between the art opening and the bar everyone goes to after to catch up. The exhibited artists’ works are installed in groupings that respond to Satellite Art Club’s architecture and the dive bar’s communal environment where good vibes make for a good night. The Honey Pump envisions this exhibition as “a beacon to bring artists back into the city.”


Groupings of works by fifteen Honey Pump artists create atmospheric effects through light, depict images and portals into different worlds, and present records of lived experience. Annesta Le, Massimiliano Moro, and Thomas Ray Willis use illumination reminiscent of neon bar signs, fly traps, and the light and space movement—saturating space with color beyond white walls. Anthony Padilla, Arpi Adamyan, Eric Yevak, Jina Park, Noura Ali Ramahi and Vincent CY Chen build worlds that transport us to utopian and dystopian spaces influenced by various sources from the natural world, cabinets of curiosities, soviet architecture, and sex toys. Their work is one of worldbuilding. Cathleen Clarke, Fabrizio Amoroso, Karlotta Freier, Matias Alvial, PhenomenaLewis, and Sarah Grass draw from lived experience, recording intimate moments through photography, drawing, and painting of their friends, family, pets, dreams, and moments of introspection. These groupings are meant not only to spark dialogue between objects, but also the artists themselves—many of whom will be meeting for the first time.