Ore 12 Circa x Bungee Space

We are pleased to present Fabrizio Amoroso’s “Ore 12 Circa” book signing event 10/16/2021 at Bungee Space, NYC, as part of their annual month-long experimental program Bungee Project.
Can reality be considered as something objective, independent from the viewer’s experience? In “Ore 12 Circa (Around Noon)” reality is shaped by the viewer itself, who participates in the creation of the world and builds its own representation of it. As a culmination of nine years of editing, the book begins with the interpretation of a collection of anonymous negatives that the editor found in a flea market in Paris in 2010.

*Ore 12 Circa is published by Veii, a not-for-profit publishing imprint established in Rome in 2020.



《Ore 12 Circa (正午左右)》签书会



真实是否能独立于观看者的体验客观存在?在《Ore 12 Circa (正午左右)》中,真实是由参与构建和重新诠释这个世界的观看者塑造的。经历了九年编辑和创作后的《Ore 12 Circa (正午左右)》始于艺术家对一系列于2010年在巴黎跳蚤市场找到的匿名底片的理解。

《Ore 12 Circa (正午左右)》呈现多种图像叙事中的某种可能,它为观众留下空间去设想和塑造那些被隐匿的现实 —— 在这个被忽视的现实里,陌生人的生活可能紧密联系,又可能毫无关联。

Fabrizio Amoroso于1985年出生于意大利罗马,现工作生活于纽约。他的作品曾刊载于Document Journal、Flaneur Magazine、Flaunt和Office等杂志。

Veii是一间于2020年由Valerio Di Lucente、Paolo Di Lucente和Fabrizio Amoroso在意大利罗马成立的非营利出版机构。

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